Skirts & Head Colors

  Here are the skirts that I hand tie on my JAW Spinnerbaits

All skirts you see here can be mixed (example 06 Hot Pink & 01 White)!!

Solid Skirt Colors

Round Rubber Skirts

RRrWhite.jpg (4907 bytes)  White  (RR-11)

RRrflYellow03.jpg (2959 bytes) Fluorecent  Yellow (RR-33)

RRrflYellow03.jpg (2959 bytes)RRrflOrange11.jpg (6204 bytes) Yellow & Orange Mixed (RR-33&RR-31) RRrChart05.jpg (5287 bytes) Yellow Chartreuse RRR-15)
HotlPink06.jpg (2818 bytes) Fluorecent Pink (RR-32) RRrRed10.jpg (3764 bytes) Red (RR-16)
RRrflOrange11.jpg (6204 bytes) Fluorecent Orange (RR-31) RRrflOrange11.jpg (6204 bytes)RRrBrown15.jpg (3724 bytes) Orange & Brown Mixed (RR-31 & RR-12)
RRfltbluefl13.jpg (6590 bytes) Blue (RR-14) RRrPurple14.jpg (5302 bytes) Purple (RR-13)
RRrBrown15.jpg (3724 bytes) Brown (RR-12) RRrBlack.jpg (2904 bytes) Black (RR-10)

  Silicone Skirt Colors

Look !!!   New Colors Added

Yellow Gold Flake.jpg (1157 bytes) Yellow/Gold Flake (YGF) Chart Black Flake.jpg (1144 bytes) Chartreuse/Black Flake (CBF)
Chart Gold Flake.jpg (1157 bytes) Chartreuse/Gold Flake (CGF) Chart Blue Tip.jpg (6229 bytes) Chartreuse/Blue Tip (CBT)
Red Red Flake.jpg (10819 bytes) Red Red Flake  (RRF) Orange w Gold Flake.jpg (7930 bytes) Orange/Gold Flake (OGF)
Browm Orange Flake.jpg (966 bytes) Brown/Orange Flake (BOF) Brown w Orange Tip.jpg (7318 bytes) Brown/Orange Tip (BOT)
Black Red Tip.jpg (4810 bytes) Black/Red Tip (BRT) Black w Blue Tip.jpg (7974 bytes) Black/Blue Tip (BBT)
Black Silicone.jpg (4755 bytes) Black Silicone (BS) ChartSliverFK White Tip.jpg (12120 bytes) Chart/Silver Flake w White Flake Tip (CSWT)
new clear sliver hologram silver.jpg (964 bytes) Clear/Silver Hologram-Silver (CSHS) new snow white silver silver.jpg (1187 bytes) Snow White-Silver Hologram (SWSH)
Cucumber Seed.jpg (6789 bytes) Cucumber Seed (CS) Green Emerald Green.jpg (940 bytes) Emerald Green (EG)
Hot Chart Black Orange Crystal BW3sm.jpg (1040 bytes)Hot Chartreuse/Black, Orange Crystal (HCBOC) BW5sm.jpg (1155 bytes) Green Pumkin/Black, Green (GPBG)
Hot Chart Gold GoldSC3.jpg (1339 bytes) Hot Chartreuse Gold Gold (HCGG) Clear Dark Gold FG10.jpg (11904 bytes) Clear Dark Gold (CDG)
Brown Orange Orange Black FK LM4sm.jpg (1057 bytes) Brown/Orange-Orange Black Flake (BOOBF) Bubblegum Crystal Fk MPF51sm.jpg (1307 bytes) Bubblegum/Crystal Flake
 Cantalope MPF60sm.jpg (1042 bytes) Cantalope  (CLOP) Chart Black Lime Tip FT18sm.jpg (1082 bytes) Chartreuse/Black Lime Tip (CBLT)
Chart Black Orange Tip FT17sm.jpg (765 bytes) Chartreuse/Black Orange Tip (CBOT) Zoom Blue Gray MPF65sm.jpg (786 bytes) Zoom-Blue Gray (ZBG)
BW5.jpg (11212 bytes) Green Pumpkin/Black, Green Crystal (GPBC) FS5.jpg (12695 bytes) Smoke/Green Crystal/Black (SGCB)       
MPF11 JunrBug.jpg (11369 bytes) JuneBug (JB) "NEW" Hot Lime Green/Green (HLGG) "NEW"
Purple/Green Green Glitter (PGGG) "NEW" Electric Blue (EB) "NEW"
Deep Purple/ Fuchia (DPF)  "NEW" Red Red/Black FishScale (RRB) "NEW"     
Purple Sliver Flake (PSF) "NEW" FG12 Hot Lime Orange Crystal Black.jpg (16145 bytes) Hot Lime/Orange Crystal Black (HLOCB) "NEW"
  White Blood Skirt (WB)

           Head Colors

Single Silver Met Fk4.jpg (78450 bytes)

Single Silver Metalflake w/Extra Blades

Tandem Gold Met Fk1.jpg (85950 bytes)

  Tandem Gold Metalflake

Tandem Chart Met Fk1.jpg (96230 bytes)

Tandem Chartreuse Metalflake

Tandem White Met Fk1.jpg (69190 bytes)

Single White Metalflake w/Extra Blades






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3DMAILSP.gif (12737 bytes)

For More Information Please Call Me At:
Ask for Jaw: 765-480-2867 Cell
Summer: June 1st. to Oct 30th. (765) 643-2837 Anderson, Indiana
Winter: Nov. 1st to May 30th. (941) 966-6304 Osprey, Florida           

Jeremy P. Simons (Summer)

Jeremy P. Simons (Winter)

3112 Sheridan Street

124 Happy Haven Drive Lot 3

Anderson, IN  46016

Osprey, FL  34229


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