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All New Thunder Blades                  

Blades that rattles !!

Add $.50 per Bait. Blades come in Size #4 1/2 and Size #5 only. Colors Sliver, Copper and Gold

LOOK !!! NEW Spinnerbait Called

"Jaw's Wonder Spinner"

 Redfish and Snook Saltwater Bait:

also a GREAT Bassin' Bait !!!!

$2.50 each small frame 1/8oz.

$2.75 large frame 1/4oz..

NEW Spinnerbait with two Diamond Willow Leaf blades.

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1/4 oz. or 3/8 oz. $2.75 each 

All Baits come Extra Free Blades

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All baits come with

Quick Change Blade System

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1/2oz. Spinnerbait

$2.75 each !!! Single or Tandem Blades !

1/2oz. with two willowleaf blades $3.00 each !!!


1/4oz. YellowTandem Spinnerbait

Largemouth Bass caught in Maine
October 5, 1998

"New"  Diamond Blades

I make single blade Spinnerbaits

I make Short  Arm Spinnerbaits

All baits are custom made

    Welcome to my home page.   My name is  Jeremy P. Simons  (Jaw for short)  I'm  from    Anderson, Indiana U.S.A..  In the winters I live in Florida, a small town called Osprey just south of Sarasota, FL..  I'm a retired Chrysler Corp. (Kokomo, IN)  worker.   I retired  September, 1997.   I have a hobby of building Spinnerbaits.  The fishing  baits are used for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie and Bluebell.   My  baits  have  been  "Tournament and Trusted"  except for my   NEW  1/16 oz. spinnerbait..   I Custom build  JAW Spinnerbaits to order,  you  pick the size, color of  body, color of skirt, and size  &  color of blades.  I started making spinnerbaits in 1986..   At that time I was an active member of the  Bass Searchers of Indy.  Some of the members had a favorite combination in size,  color and  blades.  They asked me to make spinnerbaits to match what they  had lost.  I'm a seven time top eight tournament contestant at the Indiana   B.A.S.S.   Chapter  Federation  Top 8  Tournament  finishing as  high  as  3rd place.    One  club  member  made  the  state  team  by   using   JAW Spinnerbaits.   I also sale Spinner Blades  for the lure builder.   They come in Hammered and New  Diamond   Blades   are sold in the bulk in packs of 10, 50, or 100.  Look on the Blade page for  prices.   

Check out my NEW Skirt Color Page !!! It shows all the colors of skirts I hand tie.

New metalflake bodies are now in production !!!!

White, Chartreuse, Electric Mean Green, Blue, Bubblegum, Silver (Gray) more to come.

I will post the colors on it's own page soon!!!!

Please sign my Guestbook on down this page!!!

Thanks for visiting me & come back real soon!!!

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For More Information Please Call Me!!

Jaw 765-480-2867 Cell

Summer: June 1st to Oct 30st. 317-578-0765 Anderson, Indiana

Winter Nov. 1st. to May 28th. 941-206-8268 Osprey, Florida

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Fishing Rodbuilders Club St. Pete, FL


National Fed Bass.jpg (22611 bytes) Bass Searchers of Indy

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